#121 Add "blood glucose" to Vitals form

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Add "blood glucose" to Vitals form.

As blood-glucose is the most important vital in diabetes patients, it would be very helpful to add "glucose" to the vitals form in order to track changes.


  • Pieter W

    Pieter W - 2014-02-27

    Fasting blood glucose
    Blood glucose 2 hours after breakfast
    HbA1c or other relevant test for the long term

    Oxygen level

    Not only glucose is vital, also Hb hemoglobin, mean cellular volume, and for many other laboratorium tests can deliver vital information and are easy to screen with modern technics.

    IMHO it would be advisable to have a EMERGENCY LAB page with relevant laboratory tests. Please evaluate before adding lab tests into Vitals.

    For many it seems also important to replace the BMI for umbilical level belly circumferance. This canbe very easy to add in Vitals.

    • Sherwin Gaddis

      Sherwin Gaddis - 2014-12-03

      I would like to take up this project.

      Will this be to add just a column to the current vitals page?

  • ViSolve

    ViSolve - 2015-07-24


    I suppose this enhancement is not implemented so far.
    Planning to add Blood-Glucose level field in Vitals form? Any other changes needs to be added along with this?

    Please do let us know.

    OpenEMR Customization/Support Team,
    ViSolve Inc
    services@visolve.com | Phone: 408-850-2243
    Demo's @ ViSolve Demo Library

  • Brady Miller

    Brady Miller - 2015-07-25


    I recall this being discussed on the forums and I think the conclusion was that a glucose is not a vital sign and best to keep it in the procedure/labs module for standard out of the box OpenEMR. Before you spend time on this recommend discussing on the forums.

    Note there is also the Track Anything module that can be used for things like this:


  • ViSolve

    ViSolve - 2015-07-28


    Thank you for the explaining. Yes, agreed on usage of Track Anything Module to use this.
    Will check on other feature requests.

    OpenEMR Customization/Support Team,
    ViSolve Inc


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