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#108 Queue Management System

Arnab Naha

Most of the clinics outside US are walk in clinic. Here appointment really dont work and people walk in.. A queue management system will be a great addition to Openemr. The idea is to record patient as they are coming in the clinic and they are listed according to the order and have some category attached to them like - urgent, Normal, Emergency etc. As they reach the doctor and doctor opens their chart, they are removed from the queue automatically and the next patient moves up the order. Can this be done??


  • Arnab Naha

    Arnab Naha - 2013-02-22

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Robert Down

    Robert Down - 2013-08-06

    Perhaps the queue system could automatically create a new appointment based on the next available slot? This way we don't have to scaffold another schema. If we do this, it's essentially an automated appointment form.


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