Globals -> Portals might be an issue

Arnab Naha
  • Arnab Naha

    Arnab Naha - 2014-04-21

    In Globals-> Portals there is button for downloading the offsite portal credential for VPN. If u click on shows in red: OFFSITE PORTAL WEB SERVICE FAILED. Why is it so?
    you can checkout the screenshot at

  • ZH Healthcare

    ZH Healthcare - 2014-04-21


    Can you please check if the issue still exists. We had corrected an issue with the VPN connectivity.

    Thanks & Regards
    ZH HealthCare

  • Arnab Naha

    Arnab Naha - 2014-04-21

    Yes issue still persists...thanks

  • Arnab Naha

    Arnab Naha - 2014-04-22

    Any update on this ZH Healthcare?

  • Adrian Mercado

    Adrian Mercado - 2015-11-19

    I have the same problem. This file is required in order to get VPN going as indicated in ZH's instruction. Any update ZH?


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