NewCrop Interface improvements

  • Tony McCormick

    Tony McCormick - 2013-12-09

    We are testing a pile of updates to the NewCrop interface and anticipate posting the code for the community by the end of the week. Here's the list:

    This predominately makes the sync with NewCrop faster and keeps the number of touches to NewCrop down to just the first access of the patient record in a given, configurable time to live.

    Corrected value reference to SiteId to allow two databases to be used by one Prescribing EIN without mixing PIDs across them.

    Corrected issue with Allergies not displaying on patient info page. Cleaned up code and naming of methods.

    The rest is code and error reporting clean up.

    Basic clean-up and TTL feature integration:
    Adjusted placement of file inclusion.
    Consolidated eRxSOAP initialization to class construct.
    Refactored initialize___ functions to simplify code and added soap settings reset to each.
    Added connectors configuration for eRx time-to-live feature.
    Added eRx table definition to database SQL file.
    Added eRx table definition to upgrade SQL file.
    Added functionality to eRxStore for interactions
    Corrected misreferenced method in eRxSOAP class.
    Added value type conditionals to stop errors, corrected logic flow & method usage.
    Corrected table erx_ttl_touch ENUM definition, in both SQL files.

    I'd like to thank Sam Likins and welcome him to the mi-squared team!


  • Brady Miller

    Brady Miller - 2013-12-10

    Hi Tony and Sam,
    Sounds great. Look forward to seeing the code.

  • Sam Likins

    Sam Likins - 2013-12-16

    Tony and Brady,

    The code changes can be found at following URL:

    Added NewCrop SOAP caching and implemented usage of AccountId.
    - Added common NewCrop E-Prescription class (eRxSOAP) for SOAP request caching.
    - Added common NewCrop E-Prescription class (eRxStore) for data store actions.
    - Added new eRx table definition to database & upgrade SQL file.
    - Added connectors configuration for SOAP time-to-live & NewCrop AccountId.
    - Updated eRx_xml.php to use new connector configuration for AccountId.
    - Updated soap_accountStatusDetails.php, soap_allergy.php, and soap_patientfullmedication.php to utilize new classes.


  • Brady Miller

    Brady Miller - 2013-12-21

    Hi Sam,

    Looks very nice. Committed your code to the codebase and followed it with a small commit to fix a couple minor issues.

    Looking forward to your next contribution :)


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