More than one Rx on a Recipe

Pieter W
  • Pieter W

    Pieter W - 2014-06-02

    Where can I make the changes to get more than one Rx on a Prescription print? I thought it was done in Globals, but in the latest V 4.1.2 with patch 5, I can not find how to do it.

    Nor can I make the changes within the lay-out so I can fit/post 4 Rx on the same A6 piece of paper in the Print Prescription

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  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2014-06-02

    See this thread.

    Isn't it in openemr/interface/forms/CAMOS/rx.css?

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  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2014-06-04

    Found this old thread wherein Riaz Chaudry gave instructions for code changes to get 8 prescriptions on 1 sheet.

    Because A6 is 25% of 8.5" x 11" (letter size), it should be possible to adjust for 4 rx's instead of 8.

    Also found Global settings for A6. Margins will need changing.

    • Pieter W

      Pieter W - 2014-06-04

      I thought that would do the trick, but a HTML print does not give any good result? Do you have any experience with some other way of printing the Prescription?

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2014-06-04

    Just e-prescribe most of the time and occasionally pen & pad. Zero experience with printing rx's.

    How are you progressing with Rod's template in 4.1.3? You should be able to set up custom printing of the prescriptions with that module.

    Because the Pop-up letter is able to print in .pdf, I would think that it should be possible as well with Rod's template.

    • Pieter W

      Pieter W - 2014-06-04

      I am stuck with Rod's new Document Template since I could find a quick and easy solution for implementation.

      Question: How do I insert a part of Version 4.1.3 into 4.1.2 patch 5 , and not only the maps and files, but also the new MySQL tables that accompany these.

      But yes indeed these would be a good alternative since you can make changes within OpenOffice write after crating the Referral letter with all the inserted fields. This is also possible with the Referral letters, but that is also not an easy task for me to accomplish.

      Question: Lay-out based Forms, how canyou insert a paragraph of text?

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2014-06-04

    Just transferring the default folder and the database won't work without the codes for Rod's template, which is something I don't know how to do. Here's what I do know.

    Copying & repacing the default folder is straightforward.

    I was unable to use phpMyAdmin to export/import the database because the it was too big, but there is no reason why you cannot try. See attachments.

    If phpMyAdmin fails, do a mysqldump.

    In 4.1.3,
    sudo mysqldump -u user -p openemr > backup.sql
    sudo service mysql restart

    In 4.1.2,
    sudo mysql -u user -p openemr < backup.sql
    sudo service mysql restart

    For static text in LBV form, see this & option T.

    It may be simpler in the long run to get the dual-boot going, install the XAMPP-OpenEMR package on 7, replace 4.1.2 with 4.1.3 and continue your rx work on the Windows 7 side first.

    When stable 4.1.3 is available, the new Ubuntu-Debian package should be ready for installation on Linux Mint 17. There will be plenty of time to do all the tweaking in Linux at that point.


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