jmt2383 - 2013-03-01

ey all.

First let me explain, i work for a Non Profit mental health rehabilitation practice, they have a couple of group homes, in patient and out patient services.

Is there a way to Add a Medicaid # list in the patient search window, as of right now it only has Full name / home phone / SSN# / DOB / external id

Is there a easy way to add a Medicaid#  db entry and corresponding field on that page ?

Or would that require a ton of work ?

Also using LBF how would i, if at all possible recreate something like this to replace SOAP NOTES or just have it as an option for each patient ?

Name of  Individual: Medicaid Number: Record Number:
Purpose of Contact:
Staff Signature/ Position           (full signature required)
Duration Time Spent performing the interventions:
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Location of Services: facility  ____ direct contact  ____ indirect contact  ___ face to face

The following interventions were provided to the member and participation was encouraged, monitored and or modeled by staff:  ____ Pre-vocational ____ Recreation/Leisure ____ Community Living ____Social Relationships ____ Educational ____ Personal Care/Daily Living X  Other case management

Effectiveness of Interventiion :

We cant use SOAP we are a mental health org and out state required P.I.E notes. 

Also when adding users (providers), i see now way to upload documents for the providers or set reminders for providers for CPR training etc… or even a way just to upload documents….

Am i missing a check box under globals somewhere ? or am i just plain old missing something ?

any help would be appreciated.