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  • Robyn03

    Robyn03 - 2013-02-02

    Hallo all,

    maybe a stupid question…all the new updates to the various files and all the various requests processed, will be included in the new release or ….?


  • Brady Miller

    Brady Miller - 2013-02-02


    All new updates and code are committed to the official openemr development codebase (this is the 'master' branch, which I linked to below), which we be included in the next official release (4.1.2):

    The majority of the bug fixes and some of the new features (if no chance of breaking anything) also make their way into the 4.1.1 patches, which are maintained in the '4.1.1' branch:

    When choosing what also gets into the 4.1.1 patch, I basically just record the things that are committed that should get in there (feel free to make your own suggestions, also). For example, here is a listing of commits (already in master) that will be included in the next 4.1.1 patch:
    ea3d7a84129181cdf52ea62c6888c7c5f035ce97 (import code module bug fix specifically for IE browsers - contributed by pfwilliams)
    6a0a56fc0f7de4a39a5fae29cb7f09eb777f317a (Focus to search field when searching for billing/diagnosis codes - contributed by yehster)
    b3336dea758515b6add588c900172a5b49909adc (Show lab results in offsite patient portal - contributed by ZH Healthcare)
    663332b9f9d21b73962178aac8b5f266711ec901 (Fix for the copay issue in appointment encounter report. - contributed by ZH Healthcare)
    956f1268ac95885de6af944afbdc26193cf9f8d2 (Reminders email bug fix - contributed by arnabnaha)
    2220d50a0f28310aaf25e135cca9ef03baf8242a (The Second Reminders email bug fix - contributed by arnabnaha)
    d4c460aa2272c911c7d5cf9eab1cbdb0d3ae9a4b (Bug fix and improvements to lab display on onsite patient portal - contributed by bradymiller)
    573b78275fea4e679843e6eff9c2e0faf71d8975 (The Third Reminders email bug fix - contributed by arnabnaha)
    9895ddccc57d0d26e19e0ba0a58feec90d44d699 (AMC reporting bug fix - contributed by pfwilliams)
    f16b1166d6c034dad4f3efafed91938f29756c35 (Patient portal new patient save to audit tables - contributed by ZH Healthcare)
    54558270301382535800f41dfeea9ce1d5a2b60a (Fixed bug that can cause saving of user edits to fail. - contributed by Sunset Systems)
    0ddffa57d1ea1cebf75672868b89e66e99a3c529 (part 1 improvement to fee sheet code set search selector - contributed by bradymiller)
    8d6bbe84c9b67dc4a5298fc275c16988f8cc651c (part 2 improvement to fee sheet code set search selector - contributed by bradymiller)


  • Robyn03

    Robyn03 - 2013-02-02

    Thanks Brady, as always friendly and  helpful!


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