The file that ate my harddrive: access.log

  • Paul Williams

    Paul Williams - 2013-02-06

    Yesterday, a typical day, 8,500 lines were added to apache\logs\access.log
    I hope this won't bring out the HIPAA police, but I've deleted this file a few times due to it's size.
    Seriously, I don't see where it contains anything of value to anyone, other than in a debugging environment.
    It appears to log every Javascript/AJAX POST and GET request?
    Can the appetite of this monster file be curbed and the level of logging reduced?
    It would also reduce a number of system and disk I/O's that are better used elsewhere…

  • David

    David - 2013-02-06

    Also does anyone know what is going on in the error.log?
    Since we upgraded to 4.1.1 the file size has ballooned from a couple 100k to over 50megs!

  • Paul Williams

    Paul Williams - 2013-02-07

    Looks like this is Apache-related.
    An overview here:
    There's more in the Apache manual.
    Am thinking I'll setup some sort of log rotation scheme to keep the file sizes manageable.
    AM also considering switching our Production OpenEMR to "loglevel error"  which will cut down the writes error.log somewhat.


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