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Dr. G
  • Dr. G

    Dr. G - 2011-11-22

    1. I am using openemr 4.1 patch 3

    my statements were printing with the "Total due" field at the top (the part that gets returned to us with payment) blank.
    I made these chantes to
    ..openemr/sites/default/, on or about line 169:

    changed line:

    $out .= sprintf("%-30s %s: %-s\n",null,$label_totaldue,null);


    $out .= sprintf("%-30s %s: %-s\n",null,$label_totaldue,$stmt);

    It has worked so far, however I can't stop  wondering if the null was there for a reason. will this change still give me the total due? Since I noticed that there are two different variables: "$label_totaldue" and "$label_due"

    2. Also my service address is different from my pay to address (latter is a PO Box). I made this change manually with in

    I wonder if there is an easier way of doing this from the program itself. I have never been able to understand the difference between "service facility" and "billing facility" in the admin-facilities-your facility dialog screen.

    If my po box is my billing facility how can it accept assignments? Should that not be an option for the service facility field?


  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-08-31

    Thanks, Sandra, for pointing us in the right direction.

    It would be great to edit the patient statement directly instead of changing the codes. Most offices get weak in the knees when they have to wander into terra incognita, namely lines of code. We can always ask the developers to put it in the Requests box, when their To-Do lists are empty.

    The service facility is where the patients are treated, while the billing facility is where the claims are generated and payments are processed. For solo non-surgical practices they are one and the same.

    "Accept assignment" only means that you want the payment to be sent to you at the billing facility and not to the patient. Some insurers may insist upon a street address instead of a post office box number before cutting a check.

    In 4.1.2(1), the line to change is 166, "null" is replaced by "$stmt['amount']".

    For users, who never edited the patient statement, do the following:
    1. Download Notepad++. It's easier to use than regular Notepad.
    2. C-drive->xampp->htdocs->openemr->sites->default->
    3. Go to line 166, replace null with $stmt['amount']
    4. Save and close Notepad++.
    5. Download a .pdf of a statement to verify that the change is correct.

    Will write a Wiki article about editing patient statements after deciphering the other parts of the program and how to add dunning messages.

    Last edit: fsgl 2013-08-31

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