calendar misbehaving

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  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-03-21

    Hello again.  I'm experiencing an issue when after I book an appointment the calendar jumps to another date  instead of returning to the day that I just booked the appointment.   Any ideas what may be causing this?

    Thanks again.

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-03-26

    The calendar has to be "trained" to ensure proper functioning.  Read the wiki article on Using the Calendar and follow the instructions if you have not so.  There is a video tutorial also on the same topic.  My appointment calendar was acting strange until it was properly set up.  If you have a white background in the body of the appointments for the day (it should be blue) then it is a visual clue that you need to "train" your calendar.

  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-03-30

    thanks fsgl but the calendar has been properly trained for some time now as the provider has been using this since November.  I  believe it may be a bug.  It happens only when you've moved the current calendar view  out a couple months and you go to schedule another day's appointment.  It then loses track of the day that you book the appointment so that you can visually confirm the appt is added.

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-03-31

    I assume that when you set up your calendar you had a start and stop time, repeating every day far out in the tuture, for example to 2015.

    I am using 4.1.1 patch 12.  My copy of the software does not have a category of appointments under the Report link.  I have access to the calendar from the Menu on the left or from the Appointments box  to the right of the Insurance module.

    Go to Administration->Users and check that there is both a default facility as well as the ancillary facility for that physician.  The ancillary facility will appear when you click the drop down menu.  There is a View Facility Specific User Information button to the right of User/Groups.  When you click it, it should show you all the users in each of the facilities.  If everything is fine here, when you go to the calendar, under the month calendar and under Providers, you will see All Facilities, click the drop down menu to get to the appointments for the ancillary facility.

    • Stephen Waite

      Stephen Waite - 2013-04-09

      Thanks for the follow up fsgl. I have repeating in office and out of office events far out into the future. I'm also using patch 12 of 4.1.1.

      Thanks for the reference to the facility specific user view and I see that the provider has an entry for both facilities. Each points to the same user id which I assume is okay. When I choose the month view and then choose the ancillary facility nothing shows even though there are many appointments saved which can be seen by the all facilities view. Seems like there's still something awry

  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-04-10

    okay, so after rereading your guide I think what you're saying is that the only way to view ancillary appointments is by selecting all facilities

    so the entry in the drop down for the ancillary facility is nonfunctional for a single provider with two facilities?

    • Kevin Yeh

      Kevin Yeh - 2013-05-08

      The basic problem is that the list of providers when a specific facility is chosen only includes the providers who have that facility as their "primary" facility. The best solution would probably be to have "All providers" really mean all regardless of of primary, and have an additional filter for "primary only".

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-04-10

    I have 2 facilities in the calendar module, the office and the hospital. Most of the time the calendar is left in the view showing the office appointments which is where I spend most of my time. When I want to look at the surgery schedule, I go to All Facilities, click the drop down menu for the hospital to get the surgical cases. I cannot display both the office and surgical appointments side-by-side (at least I don't know how to do it). If you have more than 1 physician in your practice, the appointments for the various physicians can be displayed simultaneously for the same facility or location but not for more than one facility or location. I don't think that is your question. Are you asking if it is possible to display apointments for more than one facility/location simultaneously?

    Last edit: fsgl 2013-04-10
  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-04-10

    Another thought. Do you have a calendar set up for the Administrator as well? If your Administrator does not really need the calendar and can keep track of his/her schedule with an alternative method, consider disabling the calendar for the Administrator by going to that user's dialog box and unchecking the calendar option. Our Administrator does not need to use the calendar module and removing her from the calendar made scheduling a lot simpler.

  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-04-16

    thanks again fsgl, only the provider is checked for calendar but originally admin was when setup and i'm hoping this isn't causing some bug

    the problem we're experiencing is that when we choose the ancillary facility nothing shows up on the calendar just this

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-04-16

    The .pdf file was very helpful and everything appears to be in order.

    If I understand correctly, you have appointments set up for the Middlebury office but they just don't show up here. Is that correct? If that is correct, please attach a screenshot of the appointments that you booked for the Middlebury office.

    If you are in the part of the calendar with a blue background, under the heading of "Providers" is the drop down menu for "All Facilities", under that is the box for "All providers, under that are listed your main office and the Middlebury office, then you are in the main office schedule and possibly all your appointments are on the main office page. Is this a possibility? If that is the case, you must go to the view shown in your attachment and put your appointments for your ancillary location there and not on the page for the main office.

    Last edit: fsgl 2013-04-16
  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-04-22

    Thanks for the follow up fsgl. When I choose the ancilliary office the times which you would normally click to bring up the appointment box are non-functional. I've attached a screen that is the only way to view these appointments: under all facilities.

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-04-23

    You were right from the beginning. There is a bug with Patch 12 because I can't schedule appointments in the ancillary facility either (I did not notice it because I stopped the hospital work a few months back).

    We will have to have to wait for one of the developers to bail us out. Sorry I am unable to help.

    I wonder why no one else has this problem or post in this thread.

    Last edit: fsgl 2013-04-23
  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-04-23

    I have just asked Brady Miller to contact the developer to look into the bug in Patch 12. I looked at my surgical schedule and the problem started after the the middle of March when I installed Patch 12.

    Your screenshots were a great help in pinning down the problem.

    Hopefully they will fix it soon.

  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-05-03

    to my knowledge it never has worked but i will test on a basic install of 4.1.1 later today

    thanks again guys

  • Neville Misquitta

    Getting this error message on trying to create new appointments since this morning

    ERROR: insert failed: INSERT INTO openemr_postcalendar_events ( pc_catid, pc_multiple, pc_aid, pc_pid, pc_title, pc_time, pc_hometext, pc_informant, pc_eventDate, pc_endDate, pc_duration, pc_recurrtype, pc_recurrspec, pc_startTime, pc_endTime, pc_alldayevent, pc_apptstatus, pc_prefcatid, pc_location, pc_eventstatus, pc_sharing, pc_facility,pc_billing_location ) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,NOW(),?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,1,1,?,?)

    Error: Duplicate entry '9429' for key 'PRIMARY'

    Upgraded to 4.1.1(12) Windows two weeks ago. No issues with making appointments until Saturday 04-May-13.

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-05-07

    Just for the heck of it, I went to the new Demo, 4.1.1, which patch it did not say. I set up a new facility and all the users are enabled to book appointments at the ancillary facility per the View Facility Specific User Information screen.

    Even the Demo can't take appointments in the ancillary facility (The Hospital). Stephen Waite was never able to do so. I have been unable since the install of Patch 12 which was mid March of this year.

    So, just Stephen, Neville, I and the Demo. It is strange that no one else has this problem.

  • Kevin Yeh

    Kevin Yeh - 2013-05-07

    On the Demo site, by assigining "Donna Lee" to have default facility of "The Hospital" I was able to create appointments from calendar view showing "The Hospital" only.
    I think I tested using the same demo server as you
    Which is 4.1.1 with NO patches installed as far as I can tell.

    There is definite strangeness with how the facilities/users/defaults all work, but I don't think the patch is to blame.

    • fsgl

      fsgl - 2013-05-08

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for weighing in.

      Yes, the Demo and my calendar will book appointments if the default is changed to the ancillary facility for a particular user.

      We should not have to toggle back and forth changing the default. Until recently we never had to do this. The default was set for the main facility and there was no problem booking appointments for secondary or tertiary facilities.

      Patch 12 may not be the sole culprit. If it were, Neville should have had a problem at the end of April when he installed Patch 12. As for myself I am unable to pinpoint the first day of the problem because I stopped using the calendar for hospital work after 2/27/13. The only change to my copy of OpenEMR occurred mid March when I installed Patch 12.

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-05-10

    Stephen, try this work-around until bug has been fixed:

    1) Use All Facilities for main office appointments.
    2) Change default to Middlebury office for those M.D.'s in that office.
    3) Click the Middlebury office, now the All Users box should be populated with the names of those physicians. Previously it had been empty.
    4) Don't use Main Office for appointments because now All Users is empty and you can't book from this screen.

    It worked with the Demo and also with my own calendar.

    Last edit: fsgl 2013-05-10
  • Stephen Waite

    Stephen Waite - 2013-05-13

    thanks fsgl for follow up, there is only one provider so the staff is able to work around just by clicking Midd on the drop down for the minority of appts

  • fsgl

    fsgl - 2013-05-13

    You're very welcome, Stephen. I'm glad that Kevin & I were able to help to partially solve the problem.

    The regular Demo was in Turkish for part of the time, so I went over to the Developer's Demo and the same bug exist there as well.

    One day the developers will fix the bug. At least the calendar is functional again for the secondary office.

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