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270/271 Eligibility Verification Provider

  • Sarah Roach

    Sarah Roach - 2012-10-29

    I'm trying to find a company that accepts and processes OpenEMR's Eligibility 270 Inquiry Batches? I'm currently using Office Ally to submit claims. I asked what was required to process 3rd party eligibility verification through their system and they said it could only be done through their EHR 24/7 & Practice Mate.

    Any help, suggestions, or leads would be greatly appreciated.


  • Kevin McCormick

    Kevin McCormick - 2012-10-29

    I think the 270 Eligibility batch that OpenEMR creates is not properly created.  I have been looking at the code with a view to submit some modifications, but I have not gotten very far. 

    As I understand it, if the eligibility batch file is acceptable format, then your clearinghouse should accept it and forward the inquiries to the respective payers.


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