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  • namgaw

    namgaw - 2012-10-15

    I'm familiar with MU and Quality Measures, but not in the context of OpenEMR. Would someone be so kind as to point me to any docs out there on these topics in OpenEMR? Or a generally accepted method to meeting MU in OpenEMR?


  • Jojo Pornebo

    Jojo Pornebo - 2012-10-15

    I have registered and received MU incentive reimbursement for our providers using OpenEMR as the certified EHR. It will be easy if you are going for the Medi-Cal (or Medicaid) since the first year participation only requires you to do AIU (Adoption, Implementation or Upgrade). Adoption is easy because there is not a contract, all I did was make a screenshot of the OpenEMR main page that shows that it is a FOSS, no money required to obtain and a copy of the EHR certification. For implementation (assuming you do not have an implementation contract from an EHR vendor) you need to show proof of the actual system installation; filesystem printout with date stamps, screenshots of OpenEMR login and some training manuals, proof of training your clinicians is a plus. On top of all these, there is a volume requirement; 30% or more of your encounters must be of Medicaid. Also, provider eligibility must be met and that is all on the CMS/EHR website. If you have more questions, I'd propose that you write a documentation to provide to the OpenEMR wiki as your contribution, and I'll provide the answers to your questions.

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