NewCrop with iPad (fix)

Brad Gregg
  • Brad Gregg

    Brad Gregg - 2012-10-17

    There have been cases reported and verified where iPad users are unable to use NewCrop eRx, and are given the error message of "Based on a period of inactivity, you have been automatically logged-out of your account. To resume prescribing, re-enter the website address. It is recommended that this address is added to your browser Favorites list."

    This error message occurred even when the user logs in and immediately tries to connect to eRx. After running through a few steps, I found the fix with Safari.

    To fix this issue on the iPad, please do the following:
    1) Settings > Safari
    2) Change "Accept Cookies - From Visted" to "Accept Cookies - Always"
    3) Clear History
    4) Clear Cookies and Data
    5) Close out of any browser windows, pull OpenEMR back up, login, and everything will work normally.

    • Brad Gregg
  • Art Eaton

    Art Eaton - 2013-07-07

    I am pretty sure the same similar treatment might be necessary for other browsers. Certainly that is the case for various Mac platforms, and probably for some others. Enabling session cookies and automatically clearing your cache on every exit just seems to work wonders some times.


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