How do I delete the database?

  • fairflowers

    fairflowers - 2013-02-05

    I am trying to complete installation of OpenEMR.  I have gotten thru step 3 after many attempts, but get an error message in step 4.  If I may need to delete the database and redo step 3, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IT IS.

    I have gone to MySQL and had it show me the databases.  There were only two, neither of which was named 'openemr'.  I know how to use the drop database command.

    I am using a Mac running OS X 10.5.8, with Apache, PHP and MySQL (the most recent version I could find to run on a PPC)

    Here is the error message I get:

    "Connecting to MySQL Server… OK.
    Creating database… ERROR. Check your login credentials. unable to execute SQL: 'create database openemr character set utf8 collate utf8_general_ci' due to: Can't create database 'openemr'; database exists"

  • ViSolve

    ViSolve - 2013-02-05


    Either you can use DROP command to delete the existing "openemr" database (For this need to login mysql prompt and issue drop command)
    or You can give the database name other than "openemr" in step 3 : "Database Name:" part.


  • fairflowers

    fairflowers - 2013-02-05

    I just renamed the database by appending a number.  Worked fine and I'm up and running!
    Now to find a way to apply this to my midwifery practice…=o


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