Role-based Menus

3 days ago
  • Ray Magauran

    Ray Magauran - 2017-01-05

    I will upload some images of the proposal to add role-based menus as an option to the base/default openEMR menu...

  • MD Support

    MD Support - 2017-01-05

    Good to see movement on this front.

    From outset, please keep in mind target of this application is small practices where there is no dedicated "Administrator". In fact, most offices will have staff that don multiple hats or take on temporary roles when their collegue is off for few days.

    Many enterprise applications address this issue with letting user toggle roles. A single practice owner (who by default is "Administrator"), will normally see a "MD" menu but will have ability to switch to "Admin" menu to add a new user without having to switch user or change roles.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Ray Magauran

    Ray Magauran - 2017-01-06

    Ultimately menu access will should be limited on account creation using a mechanism built alongside the current process, if not directly in this.

    Currently the demo allows anyone to toggle to any role as a user preference. (All the ACL restrictions are still present.)

    If I find during my day that I (as a clinician) need to perform a task not in the "Clinical Staff" menu, I switch over to the default. Over time, if the task I could not do from the Clinical Menu is a task that should be in the Clinical Menu, I add it.

    What I am asking is for anyone to look at the menus and suggest what other tasks should be included out-of-the-box for a given role.

    Once an instance of openEMR is deployed, the practices can:
    1. switch everyone to the "default" menu and continue as if there were no role-based menus (current)
    2. manually go in and alter the code like I do (bad idea)
    3. pay for support to add menu items (most logical)
    4. we build a web based menu-builder that allows the admin user to edit the menus to suit their needs

    • Stephen Waite

      Stephen Waite - 2017-01-11

      really nice approach Ray! for the clinician role based menu probably don't need:


      Load Compendium
  • Sherwin Gaddis

    Sherwin Gaddis - 3 days ago

    This is very nice work and it really looks great to have. I agree that the default menu is to much and need to be tappered/tailored more like what you are doing.

    Do you have this on git yet?

    I like the idea of being able to toggle the menus based on what the person is doing and they are able to toggle the menus themself without having to ask admin.

    At the creation of the account and assignment of role should set the menus to that roll. Then the user can toggle all they want from there.


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