#381 Data entry fail in new (empty) encounter forms for existing encounter


This one seems related to https://sourceforge.net/p/openemr/bugs/153/

Lately, we have noticed this undesirable behaviour:

A user (a doctor) creates an encounter and tries to enter data in an empty encounter form. Then the user attempts to save this form.

However, the system no longer stores all of the data entered in the form. It only stores a small part of the data entered. This means:

If an encounter form has 10 fields and the user fills out all of them, only data entered in 1 or 2 fields will "stick". The rest? It's like it was never entered.

The only workaround this problem is to go to save the form, then edit it and enter the data.

Oddly enough, while it affects all of the forms, it doesn't affect our demo. So, reproducing this bug is tricky.

To make things even worse, we haven't found any errors logged in our LAMP and WAMP setups whatsoever. Neither does the browser's console produce any warnings.

This is a major issue that affects OpenEMR's reliability very negatively. This bug affects release 4.1.0, and I have reasons to believe that, since others were unable to reproduce it, locate its cause and fix it, it also affects newer versions.


  • Rod Roark

    Rod Roark - 2014-07-10

    Might be a resource limit. Check your php.ini and look at things like max_input_vars and post_max_size. Also take a good look at the Apache error log when this happens.

    • avantsys

      avantsys - 2014-07-10

      Apache hasn't logged any errors so far. Anyway, here's a re-cap of what we've observed:

      1. The user creates a new encounter. In the encounter summary, what the user entered does not show up - only a blank encounter.

      2. In the database and the encounter list everything seems to have been stored properly - yet, nothing appears in the encoutner's form.

      3. When the user clicks on "Edit", a blank form appears - the previously stored data simply does not appear.

      Also, when an LBF form is completed, the following problem appears:

      Let's say the user fills out two fields in it. In the lbf_data table, the forms.form_id in one record is linked correctly, while in the other it is linked incorrectly.

      It is clear that something strange is happening with the id's in the database. What makes this situation even more strange is that this behaviour continues, even if we drop the database and import a database that works fine on another server with an identical setup.

  • avantsys

    avantsys - 2014-07-10

    Operating systems: Debian Linux 7 (two servers), Windows 2012 server (two servers)
    Apache: 2.2.11
    PHP: 5.3.1
    MySQL: 5.5.24


    Deactivation of the lower pane;
    SMS/email reminders not activated;
    LBF encounter forms
    Greek translation

    It's pretty much standard fare.


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