OpenEJB 3.0 beta 2 Released!

OpenEJB 3.0 beta 2 is up and ready for download!

New features in this release include JAX-RPC support via CXF, Tomcat 5.5 support, and support for using OpenEJB as an OSGi bundle.

Overall this release is packed with new improvements notably around usability, validation, and configuration. Definitely a must try. Unless any major issues are discovered it will likely be the last beta and 3.0 final will be right around the corner!

New Features:

* [OPENEJB-688] JAX-WS Web Services Support
* [OPENEJB-741] Support for Tomcat 5.5
* [OPENEJB-752] Release OpenEJB as OSGi bundles
* [OPENEJB-435] Support for JDK 1.6 / JRE 6.0


* [OPENEJB-253] Per EJB or EJB Interface JNDI Name declaration
* [OPENEJB-743] Improved configuration error detection and help
* [OPENEJB-745] Resource ordering for <Resource> elements that reference other <Resource> declarations
* [OPENEJB-668] Client JNDI Context.list method support
* [OPENEJB-371] ENC: service-ref support
* [OPENEJB-365] Example: Default Interceptors
* [OPENEJB-363] Example: Interceptors for Business Methods
* [OPENEJB-366] Example: Method-level Interceptors
* [OPENEJB-358] Example: Using JDBC
* [OPENEJB-360] Example: Using JPA
* [OPENEJB-571] Validation: @PersistenceContext name is specified
* [OPENEJB-572] Validation: @PersistenceUnit name is specified
* [OPENEJB-730] Validation: Attempted use of PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED by non-Stateful bean
* [OPENEJB-682] Validation: Incorrect usage of @PersistenceContext on EntityManagerFactory
* [OPENEJB-681] Validation: Incorrect usage of @PersistenceUnit on EntityManager
* [OPENEJB-680] Validation: Incorrect usage of @Resouce on EntityManager or EntityManagerFactory
* [OPENEJB-733] -e (--errors) option to produce execution error messages (exceptions)
* [OPENEJB-722] Add OPENEJB_OPTS to pass additional runtime options (useful for debugging)

Posted by David Blevins 2008-02-13

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