OpenEJB 0.9.2 released

The 0.9.2 release is one that the whole team is quite proud of. OpenEJB 0.9.0 marked are first release with special Tomcat embedded support. Thanks to all the user feedback that support has just gotten better and better. The 0.9.2 release contains a neat surprise for OpenEJB/Tomcat users -- TOOLS! The new integration features a webapp with a setup verifier, JNDI browser, EJB viewer, Class browser, and even an Object invoker!

You can browse the OpenEJB namespace and know right away exactly where the ejb is and what it is called. When you find one you like, just click it and it will open up into the EJB viewer. While there you can check out it's home, remote and bean classes in the class browser. The Object invoker allows you to actually create and invoke your EJBs without writing a single line of code.

OpenEJB 0.9.2 also contains a new openejb.base variable to complement the openejb.home variable. The openejb.base variable allows you to have several configurations of OpenEJB all running against the same OpenEJB install. This makes using OpenEJB in IDEs like Eclipse or NetBeans even easier. Move the openejb_loader-0.9.2.jar into your project's lib directory, set the openejb.base, and you'll be debugging your EJB apps front-to-back without the need for remote debugging support or special editor plug-ins.

Thanks to all the OpenEJB users for all the great ideas! You speak, we listen.

Posted by David Blevins 2003-06-06

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