The IDE & App server plug-in challenge

Recently, we had a support question on how to plug OpenEJB into the SUN ONE Webserver. Though, a thing like this has never been tested, it may very well be possible.

It got me thinking, "I wonder if we could put together a list of where people have successfully plugged in OpenEJB."

So, here is the challenge; plug OpenEJB into an app server or IDE of your choice and report the outcome. We'll collect the data and put it on the website.

All the loading is done by the classes in the openejb_loader-.0.9.1.jar. The process is triggered the first time you get a JNDI InitialContext using the LocalInitialContextFactory. In order to perform the load, you
must tell the loader where OpenEJB is by setting a system property "openejb.home" to the full path where OpenEJB was installed, for example C:\openejb-0.9.1.

To recap:

1. Add the openejb_loader-0.9.1.jar to the app server or IDE classpath.
2. Set a openejb.home system property
3. Create an initial context with the org.openejb.client.LocalInitialContext factory.

If everything goes right, OpenEJB will be pulled into your app server's or IDE's VM along with all the EJBs you deployed in OpenEJB.

You can test the setup with code that looks like this:

Properties properties = new Properties();

properties.put("openejb.home", "C:/openejb-0.9.1");

Let us know how things go, we will keep a master list of all the app servers and IDEs people try.

Happy plugging!

Posted by David Blevins 2003-05-30

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