OpenEJB 0.9.0 Released

OpenEJB is a pre-built, self-contained, portable EJB container system that can be plugged into any server environment including app servers, Web servers, J2EE platforms, CORBA ORBs, databases, etc. The 0.9.0 release of OpenEJB features easy Tomcat integration via OpenEJB Loader Servlet, additional configuration flexibility, and EJB validation tools.

OpenEJB -- EJB Container System and EJB Server

Release news, November 19, 2002.

OpenEJB 0.9.0

OpenEJB 0.9.0 Released!

Key new features of 0.9.0:

- Easy Tomcat Integration via OpenEJB Loader Servlet
- Additional Configuration Flexibility
- EJB Validation Tools
- More examples, more documentation
- New startup flag --local-copy
- Logs go in logs directory
- Logs not flooded

Unpack your distribution

To install OpenEJB, simply unpack your zip or tar.gz into the directory where you want OpenEJB to live.

Windows users can download the zip and unpack it with the WinZip program.

Linux users can download the tar.gz and unpack it with the following

tar xzvf openejb-0.9.0.tar.gz

If you've unpacked OpenEJB into the directory C:\openejb, for example, then this directory is your OPENEJB_HOME directory. The OPENEJB_HOME directory is referred to in various parts of the documentation, so it's good to remember where it is.

Using OpenEJB

Now all you need to do is move to the OPENEJB_HOME directory, the directory where OpenEJB was unpacked, and type:

openejb help

For Windows users, that looks like this:

C:\openejb> openejb help

For UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X users, that looks like this:

[user@host openejb]# ./ help

You really only need to know two commands to use OpenEJB, deploy and start. Both are completely documented and have examples.

For help information and command options, try this:

openejb deploy -help
openejb start -help

For examples on using the command and options, try this:

openejb deploy -examples
openejb start -examples

That's it!


Bugs fixes:

[618369] Missing ejbFind method syntax
[635643] Can't locate default.service-jar.xml
[618365] Assembly errors not printed to screen
[632824] Exception for bad XML in ejb-jar.xml
[632826] Multiple jars in deploy command
[618285] ejbLoad and exception handling
[618279] Home ref's get invalidated in some cases
[626453] Entity container abuses PK toString()


[630906] Easy Tomcat Integration
[635495] Service provider declaration enhancement
[540804] An OpenEJB configuration guide
[637560] Start flag --local-copy=[true|false]
[635489] Add bean validation to startup
[635311] CMP Finder FAQ
[633372] Write log files to a logs directory
[612133] Update the tomcat doc
[561572] Setup Tomcat to run with OpenEJB embedded
[630908] Support for Context Classloader
[619004] Create LocalInitialContextFactory
[633365] change OSTYPE parameter in every shell script
[612684] Hello World: with Linux commands
[611643] Add validate command to
[611640] Add validation to the deploy tool
[606442] Validate: PostCreate methods are impleme
[606445] Validate: Warn about unused ejbCreates
[606088] Validate: EJB Classes are in jar
[592129] Validate: Business methods are implement
[592123] Validate: Create methods are implemented
[606091] Validate: EJB, home, and remote classes
[632756] Need missing container error message
[631193] Update the ant jars to v1.5.1
[587849] XSLT files need some tweaking
[637572] Update openejb.conf comments
[620500] Upgrade OpenORB to 1.3
[540451] Remove org.openejb.corba.util.Verbose

Posted by David Blevins 2002-11-19

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