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Software mailing list

For neurofeedback software developers, a new mailinglist was created: openeeg-software-dev. Sign on if you want to contribute.

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2004-01-21

modularEEG kits available from Olimex

You can order preassembled kits from Olimex
Just send them a message.

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2004-01-21

BrainBay: new software available

Check out
and click on brainbay to download a new neurofeedback
program for Windows for the modularEEG

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2004-01-21

ModularEEG V0.07 released

Hi folks,

v0.07 is ready.

When those who are already building devices, get them working correctly,
v0.07 + any bugfixes becomes v1.0.

New Olimex order number: #AR161202

v0.07 - changes from v0.06:

* Changed R124 and R128 (optocoupler LED-current limiters) to 470 ohms.
* Programming connector is now standard 10-pin.
* Cleaned up the digital board layout.
* 5VI 5VO power pins removed in favor of a single power input.
* Bugfix: digital board outline cut open to preserve isolation distances.
* Bugfix: Diode moved out from under 7805.
* 10k trimpots changed to 20k
* Added decoupling capacitor near optocoupler on isolated side.

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2002-12-24

ModularEEG v0.05 ready

The fifth release contains mostly bugfixes in the partslist and the firmware. The design itself only saw one minor (non-critical) change.

Posted by Andreas Robinson 2002-10-14

ModularEEG v0.03 available for download

Let's call this "release candidate 1". More information is available on the mailing list and in the release notes.

Posted by Andreas Robinson 2002-08-11

Goodbye Yahoo mailinglist

> We just need someone in a position of authority to say, "All
> postings from now on should be on <openeeg-list@l...>", and
> then we're away.

Heh, I'm no authority figure, but I happen to be the maintainer of
the new list so ...

... go here:

fill in your mail address and pick a password. Check your mailbox for
a confirmation mail, and reply to it. That's it!... read more

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2002-07-11

IrDA chip found

I found a chip from Arizona Microchip that will make adding IrDA support for our device really easy. It implements a lot of the necessary hardware and also some software protocol layers otherwise very complicated to implement.

Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2001-11-21