Goodbye Yahoo mailinglist

> We just need someone in a position of authority to say, "All
> postings from now on should be on <openeeg-list@l...>", and
> then we're away.

Heh, I'm no authority figure, but I happen to be the maintainer of
the new list so ...

... go here:

fill in your mail address and pick a password. Check your mailbox for
a confirmation mail, and reply to it. That's it!

You can access the archive from that page too, so bookmark it.

Now, I expect everyone to move over to the new list :o) You don't
have to get an account at Sourceforge for this. Right now we are 7
people on the list, including the geocrawler archiver bot.

Oh, another thing. Can anyone with some scripting skills try to
download all messages (and attachments) from this list so that we may
create an archive of it somewhere? I have no clue on how to create
this archive, just a feeling that we should have one in case Yahoo
goes bankrupt or something.



Posted by Moritz v. Buttlar 2002-07-11

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