Hi -  the cables are not hard to make.  The imporant thing to know is that openeeg requires sheilded electrode cables which is different from most electrode cables you see for sale online.

The cables I (and many others) have made and getting good results comprise of the following:

o 25 feet (for 2ch + DLR) of RG-174 shielded coax cable (a common cable type available from many electronic suppliers).
o WBT-DSC electrodes from The Electrode Store: http://www.electrodestore.com/EEG/EEG.lasso?ran=3C2EC848&S=10&T=38
o a handful of Molex .062" female connectors (get a bunch as I kept going back to store after I messed up some crimp attempts)
o mini-XLR or RCA to connect cable to your openeeg box.  I used the regular (large) XLR balanced microphone connectors from Radio Shack and it seems to work fine.

I also use silver earclip electrodes for when I want to use the ear as reference (most of the time)

Also - I purchased some male .062" molex connectors and soldered them onto a short lead coming off of the earclip electrodes...that way I can swing from the earclip electrode to plugging in a regular disc electrode for bipolar montage (two electrodes on the scalp).  I can post pics of this if this rambling is not making sense.

Here's pics on how to solder the Molex connectors to the shielded cable:

And an older thread where this method is discussed:

Here's a doc on how to connect EEG electrodes how to determine you have a good signal.  It's for a different EEG system but still mostly relevant for OpenEEG.  It has some nice pictures of cable/electrode placement as well as normal and troublesome signal comparisons.   They use mastoid (above ear) for ground reference whereas the openeeg system uses a DLR electrode which is put somewhere on the body usually away from the head...I use my left wrist. 


As this doc says, you want to make sure you get some Ten20 electrode paste (or equiv) and clean your scalp/earlobe/DLR electrode sites very thoroughly with alcohol (or NuPrep) to get the oil off the skin.  The prep and placement takes a bit of practice but is pretty easy and quick once you get the hang of it.  When I do it right I see around 1-2 uV of 60Hz noise on each channel ( connected to laptop running on battery ). 

Best of luck...Ian.

On 11/24/06, M.Jawad <alkaem12@gawab.com> wrote:
I want to build affective EEG electrodes with myself, can any one help me
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