BCI vs the next era of human communication (

  • Jadwiga  Basecki

    Jadwiga Basecki - 2008-09-07

    BCI responds to the inner individual "processor". Our interface with computer network might eventually provide a path to the "natural mind network". Today, aside from the benefits relating to neurofeedback I would like to point out A VERY IMPORTANT connection of BCI to the next step in human communication.

    There are two concepts that come to play:

    1- Please visulize a replacement of cursor with a meaningful icon. We could move it, just like the cursor, via BCI or the eye movement tracker. In fact we could assign an etire sentence to such icon, i.e. "what time is it?" and eventually build a new network within our natural memory to use as a "virtual language". That, together with mobil projector devices could provide for a great hand-free communication. But think for a moment. Would it not be comfortable to avoid the eye movement with such "full icon" thinking?

    2- Consider another scenario. Under some states of relaxation (neurofeedback needed) we are actually able to produce distinct inner icons. This is a fact. Here it is important to understand that there are MANY types of inner icons. There is some research by cognitive psychologists with inner icons we keep within for a few seconds after watching a bright screen. This is NOT the icon I am talking about. There is also a less visual icon that helps us bring out events from long and short term memory and change that information into a speech. This is also NOT the icon I am talking about. At a state of relaxation it is possible to create a "distinct" icon replica of your monitor screen. Of course, that alone could not provide for a mind-to-mind communication yet. Today we would still need the entire BCI process with its hardware and software. However, if the skill of "distinct" inner icon would become available to more people and the virtual language dictionary, even in a very short version provided, then perhaps experiments could be designed where communication with "own mind" in various states would be possible and more effective than before. Additionally, with the most current info on brain plasticity such "virtual language"  technique could improve every area of life.

    I have started an Open Source effort in this direction, however as a F/T employee do not have time needed and did not create a clear website yet. Here is what I have so far: https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2171604&forum_id=856646/&abmode=1

  • kevinvil

    kevinvil - 2010-02-10

    Sounds great. Since I can't yet read your mind, could you tell me what it is you are actually doing? Is everything conceptual or is there any reality involved here?
    I understand that sounds blunt. I think the concept is great.


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