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OpenDocMan 1.3.5 Released

OpenDocMan v1.3.5 includes security and bug fixes. No database changes are required. Recommended that all users upgrade from older versions.

Issues resolved:

  • Fixed #226 - video/3gpp type
  • Fixed #229 - computed base url during install
  • Fixed #232 - space separator in dropdown
  • Fixed #233 - Add Tamil language
  • Fixed #240 - add correct port details to config sample
  • Fixed #241 - Added CSRF protection
  • Fixed #242 - Added output escaping to views
  • Fixed #244 - password fields during install
  • Fixed #245 - revision view not working for historical revisions... read more
Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2016-01-31 Labels: 1.3.5 opendocman dms

OpenDocMan v1.2.8.1 Released contains an admin setting fix, new language, and some minor improvements.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2014-08-30 Labels: release

OpenDocMan v1.2.8 Released

OpenDocMan v1.2.8 has been released which includes a new limited-user feature, as well as a bug fix for some Windows file path issues. This release includes database changes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2014-08-10

OpenDocMan DMS v1.2.6.6 Released

OpenDocMan DMS version has been released and includes the following changes. Not database updates are required:

XSS security improvements
Issue #94 -Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in FileTypes_class.php on line 59
Issue #82 - No menu items in small browser window
Issue #54 - Rejected File - View reviewers comment - link broken
Issue #51 - Tweeter theme menu button not working for mobile devices... [read more](/p/opendocman/news/2013/05/opendocman-dms-v1266-released/)
Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2013-05-04

OpenDocMan 1.2.6 Release

This release is a major update with new features, bug fixes, and database changes.

Important changes include a new installer, Plug-ins, Theme capabilities, internationalization.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2012-04-12

1.2.6 - Commit Log for 01/14/2011

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2011-01-15

OpenDocMan Released

OpenDocMan v1.2.5.7 has been released which contains numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-04-29

OpenDocMan Released

More minor bug cleanup:
SQL error in check-in.php
no database changes

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-02-17

OpenDocMan Released

Minor bug fix to edit.php.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-02-15

OpenDocMan Released

Fixed issue:
Call to undefined function sanitize_system_string() in /var/

This was causing an error upon adding a new file.
Minor changes to a few files.
No database changes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-02-08

OpenDocMan Released

Released a minor fix today for the installer and a bug fix. No database updates.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-02-03

OpenDocMan Released

This release fixes the installer to eliminate the Could not set GRANT error. Also some function naming issues cleaned up.

This is a minor release, mainly for fresh installs. No database changes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2010-02-03

OpenDocMan Released

OpenDocMan has been released which includes some security enhancements as well as a minor bug fix. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. There are no database changes required.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2009-10-20

OpenDocMan 1.2.5 Released

Version 1.2.5 of the OpenDocMan project has been released. This version contains some core improvements and minor bug fixes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2007-03-05

OpenDocMan Hosting Available

The OpenDocMan project is pleased to announce the arrival of, our new OpenDocMan hosting service.

To learn more please visit our website at

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2007-02-19

OpenDocman v1.2.4 Released

OpenDocMan v1.2.4 is now available for download which includes PHP5 compatability fixes and minor bug fixes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2006-11-20

OpenDocMan v1.2-p3 released

Opendocman 1.2-p3 has been released which contains some minor bug fixes. No DB changes.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2005-06-20

OpenDocMan v1.2p2 Released

The OpenDocMan project has released version 1.2p2.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2005-04-28

1.3 Branch Merged into CVS

The 1.3 branch is now merged into the main CVS trunk. Among other things, this brings in internationalization, anonymous browsing, and table prefixing. The cvs is very unstable at present so only use it if you are willing to report bugs. Once I update the installer, I will release version 1.3.0 in a tarball.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-12-22

1.3.1 Merge Underway

I am in the process of merging the 1.3 development branch into the trunk.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-12-09

OpenDocMan 1.2p1 released

OpenDocMan version 1.2 patch 1 has been released.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-10-18

1.2 patch1 looming

A p1 release of 1.2 is looming on the horizon. If you have any bugs that are not resolved in the latest CVS, now would be the time to submit them. 1.2p1 will strive to make the 1.2 branch rock solid so that 1.3rc1 can get underway.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-10-13

v1.2 - Final released

The final version of the 1.2 branch has been released. It includes some bug fixes and security patches so all users are encouraged to upgrade. If upgrading from 1.2rc2 or 1.2rc3, no DB changes are required.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-07-26

1.2rc3 released

I re-released to 1.2rc3 because of a small bug in the 1.2rc2 package.

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-02-24

1.2rc2 released

1.2rc2 has been released with some bug fixes

Posted by Stephen Lawrence 2004-01-07