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OpenDMTP client 1.1.0 (C-language) released

Version 1.1.0 of the OpenDMTP client reference implementation (C-language) has been released. OpenDMTP is a protocol and framework that allows communications with small devices (mobile phones, PDA's, and other high-latency/low-bandwidth devices), especially geared towards the transmission of GPS, temperature, and other remote monitoring information. The OpenDMTP project provides software reference implementations for using the OpenDMTP protocol.

OpenDMTP 1.1.0 is a feature release of the C-language client reference implementation. It adds support for file uploads to the client, a new rule module for simple "geofence" arrival/departure events, and the first release of the OpenDMTP specification/reference manual is included. In addition, GPRS modem transport is now supported, allowing data to be transmitted wirelessly to a remote DMTP server. Other minor changes and additions were made; please see the CHANGELOG in the project download for full details.

This package serves as a C-language developer-kit for those wishing to create their own clients or servers communicating via the OpenDMTP protocol. Reference implementations for other languages, such as Java/J2ME, are forthcoming.

The 1.1.0 C-language release may be found here:

More information on OpenDMTP may be found on the project home page:

Posted by Greg 2006-01-24

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