#164 Separate out rrdtool functionality from opendkim

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If I build with --enable-reprrd then opendkim itself end up with a dependency on librrd4 and libreprrd1 which in turns brings in depencencies of a large stack of pakcages not typically installed in servers. The reprrd functinionality is VERY interesting, but as a distro maintainer, it wouldn't be appropriate to inflict the associated dependency stack on everyone.

If the rrd related functionality were built into a separate application that opendkim could detect at runtime, that would enable me to build opendkm --enable-reprrd and then split the related files into a separate binary package so that only the people that want the rrdtool functions will get all the dependencies.


  • Murray S. Kucherawy

    Is there an RRD "devel" package that contains only the librrd library? If not, could that be created? The only thing opendkim itself needs is a couple of query functions that exist in librrd, specifically to read recent values from RRD tables.

    The code that populates the tables is a perl script in the reprrd/ directory, and some separation could possibly be established there.

  • Murray S. Kucherawy

    • labels: --> Packaging
    • milestone: --> 2.7.3
    • status: open --> pending

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