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Open Diabetes is a free, not for profit, open source, online platform for diabetics type 1.

Open Diabetes aims to be the first and biggest database of diabetics profiles, with the purpose of benefiting all of its members. It also intends the ambitions goal of becoming the standard for storing, viewing and sharing this information.

Here diabetics can store their insulin and glucose information, view their results, send automatic and periodic results by email to your doctors and create the only diabetic database that will be analyzed, detect trends and allow your doctor compare your data with similar patients.

Open Diabetes will not only show you your data (there are several programs that do that), but it will also study it, compare you with other diabetics of similar profiles (sex, age, geographic location, type of insulin used, etc), show you trends, alarms, and help you and your doctor understand your numbers. Only show your doctor the graphs and numbers he needs and not just raw data. It’s the one place to keep everything organized. Always online, always available.

Open Diabetes is a open source, which means it’s free, always will be free, and can be improved by anyone at any time. It uses open source standars such as PHP and MySQL.