#176 A Gearbox Joint


This joint is an extension of the double hinge joint additionally constraining the angular velocity of the second body along the hinge axis to be -ratio times that of the first body. Effectively this implements a gearbox with mounting hinges for the two bodies and a gear mesh between them. The joint only works for two bodies as allowing it to be attached to the static environment would effectively degenerate it into a fixed joint. Patch is against revision r1891 and contains a demo.


  • Dimitris Papavasiliou

    Apply against r1891 with patch.

  • Dimitris Papavasiliou

    The attached patch new_gearbox.diff contains a reimplementation of the gearbox joint which is independent of the double-hinge joint and constrains a single DOF to implement the gear meshing. The axes around which the input "gear" bodies revolve can be set independently so that any relative orientation of input and output shafts can be realized.

  • John Hsu

    John Hsu - 2013-02-15

    Thanks Dimitris, I've tested slightly modified version of your implementation here and added a right hand side term for drift correction. Appears to work well.

  • Dimitris Papavasiliou

    That's great but keep in mind that this joint has been superseded by the transmission joint for which you can also find a patch on this tracker. Apart from fixing a couple of bugs it features error correction, backlash as well as a chain drive mode.

  • Daniel K. O.

    Daniel K. O. - 2013-12-07
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> None
  • Daniel K. O.

    Daniel K. O. - 2013-12-07

    Closing this as the Transmission joint is now on trunk.


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