Parsing Cyc Result

Anand Nyam
  • Anand Nyam

    Anand Nyam - 2010-07-07

    I am using API,

    CycList queryVariables(CycList queryVariables, CycList query, CycObject mt, HashMap queryProperties)

    to get results from the Cyc.

    from the query
                                          (thereExists ?SUBJECT
           (behaviorCapability-performedBy-SubjectString-ActionFunction-QuantityInteger #$Employee:abc technicalSupportFor ?SubjectMatterId ?Rank)
           (eKBSubjectMatterIDNumber ?SUBJECT ?SubjectMatterId)
           (eKBSubjectMatterDisplayString ?SUBJECT ?SubjectMatter)))

    How do we get the results based on CycVaribales(queryVaribales) passed ??


  • David Baxter

    David Baxter - 2010-07-07

    Hi Anand,

    The order of the bindings is determined by the order of the variables. So if queryVariables is (?SubjectMatter ?Rank ?SubjectMatterId) and you get back ("Foo" 2 27) as one of the items on the returned CycList, then "Foo" is the binding for ?SubjectMatter, ?Rank is 2, and ?SubjectMatterId is 27.



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