Socket API Problems; unable to connect

  • nathan

    nathan - 2009-10-12

    I have used the socket API with OpenCyc 1.0 (sending ascii messages to localhost:3601) but have not been able to get this to work with openCyc 2.0.  Has anyone been able to get this to work?

  • Larry Lefkowitz

    Larry Lefkowitz - 2009-10-14

    In OpenCyc, the ASCII API default is turned off by default, but you can enable it by entering the following command at the Cyc: prompt or in the SubL Interactor tool in the Cyc browser.  (Click on Tools in the Cyc browser and select "Interactor".)

    (enable-tcp-server :cyc-api 3601)


  • nathan

    nathan - 2009-11-06


    thanks for the answer. I am now able to communicate with OC2 the same as OC1.  Is there a way to change the default so that the port is available on startup?


  • Larry Lefkowitz

    Larry Lefkowitz - 2009-11-11


    The file you'll want to tweak is:


    It contains examples of how the CFASL-API port and the HTTP port are enabled, so adding the ASCII port should be trivial.


  • alestarrr01

    alestarrr01 - 2010-05-17

    Hi , and excuse for the informal interruption
    I´m student from ISPEJAE Institute,CUBA and  i working in a desktop aplications, that use OpenCyc v2.0querys like:
    isa _asertions(for instance and example relation between term  )
    asertions(for class-subclas herarchy dependence )

    I  did  use the default constructor to create an instance of CycAccess
    CycAccess access = new CycAccess();
    ,but previusly click the C:\opencyc-2.0\scripts\run-cyc.bat ´s srcrip to start cyc server. It shows the following in a comand prompt:
    Start time: Sun May 16 09:42:58 CEST 2010
    Lisp implementation: Cycorp Java SubL Runtime Environment
    JVM: Sun Microsystems Inc. Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.6.0 (1.6.0-b105)
    Current KB: 5018
    Patch Level: 10.128401
    Running on: FRANCOIS1
    OS: Windows Vista 6.0 (x86)
    Working directory: C:\opencyc-2.0\server\cyc\run
    Total memory allocated to VM: 1169MB.
    Memory currently used: 541MB.
    Memory currently available: 627MB.
    Initializing HL backing store caches from units/5018/.
    ;;  At this point the cyc http server is running and you can access
    ;;  Cyc directly via the local web browser.
    ;;  http://localhost:3602/cgi-bin/cyccgi/cg?cb-start
    ;;  You can browse cyc via the Guest account or perform updates by
    ;;  logging on as CycAdminstrator.

    and the aplications works!!!!!!!!!!,but only as a batch process, a  thread( an aplications working with directories, no user interfase). The problems comes when i try to use a java frame,with buttoms for user interfase interaction.
    It seem that is impossible to use AWT. Anyway i´m working in Eclipse Release 3.2.0 and JRE 5.0
    My stack trace comes as :
    org.opencyc.api.CycApiException: Invalid attempt to synchronously communicate with Cyc from the AWT event thread.

    Id: null
    Server: host localhost, cfaslPort 3614
    Status: Working
    Incremental results: false
    Timeout: 0 msecs

    Please sorry for the unplacent bothering,but could you please help me or know someone-were that could……..  8]


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