I'm interested in how one goes from an image to a Cyc description of that image. What would be the conventional way to say in CycL "the image of Building001 is above the image of Building002 in Image001"?

How about, "Car001 is behind Car002 from the perspective of Camera001"?
I see the term "Behind-Generally" but that refers to the "front-side" of an object, such as where the headlights are on a car. So if the car was driving across the scene from left to right "(behind-Generally Car001 Car002) would be saying that Car002 was following Car001, further to the left in the image.
I can create my own way of doing this, but I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel.

My thought is to create a program that can take a map with a camera position and create such statements about the objects in a microtheory.

Edit: According to the paper "Spatial Ontology Baseline" by Bateman et. al. this has not yet been implemented:

"Some very important spatial notions are noticeably missing from OpenCyc, however. They include particularly a vocabulary for dealing with reference systems."

Last edit: Douglas Summers-Stay 2013-06-06