Jordi Conesa - 2007-01-30

Dear Colleages,

I am doing an algorithm that needs to retrieve all the public constants of Cyc. As knowledge base I am using ReseachCyc instead of OpenCyc.

When retrieving the Cyc constants I get an exception and the program breaks. Does anybody experiencied so before?

I have some experience in programing under the java API of Cyc. The problem only occurs when you try to retrieve all the concepts of Cyc, but not when you find for a concept using its name.

I used to retrieve Cyc constants using several API calls:

1) cycAccess.getPublicConstants()
2) cycAccess.getAllInstances( cycAcces.thing );
3) cycAccess.getAllInstances( cycAccess.getConstantByName("FirstOrderCollection") )

I suppose the problem is in the knowledge base because when I retrieve the Cyc metaclasses (Second order collections) the program works perfectly.  - cycAccess.getAllInstances( cycAccess.getConstantByName("SecondOrderCollection") ) -

I would appreciate greatly any contribution to solve the problem. Thanks in advance,