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  • fjmsoftware

    fjmsoftware - 2006-06-16


    I've followed the login instructions, but those lead me nowhere.
    When I access http://localhost:3602/cgi-bin/cyccgi/cg?cb-start I'm automatically logged in as Guest. Then I enter CycAdministrator in the login field, like it says, and I click [Submit], like it says. The middle frame reloads and I get "Successful Login
    Welcome CycAdministrator!
    Your project has been set to OpenCycProject.". HOWEVER, in the top frame, at the right, it still says "You are: Guest [Logout]". I ignore that and keep with the instructions: "Then, while logged in, you can go back to the login screen and enter a new name to log in as.". Well, aside from my web browser's Back function, the only obvious way to do that is the [Back to (stale) Login page] button in the newly-reloaded middle frame. So I click it and get the login page with "CycAdministrator" still typed in the text field. I change that to "DonJoe" and click [Submit]. The middle frame reloads again and now it says: "Unknown Cyclist
    The name DonJoe is not the name of a known HumanCyclist." and that's it. What ever happened to "A new contstant will be created using the new name, and it will be asserted to be an instance of HumanCyclist."? None of that happened!

    Now another version of the instructions said that after I login as CycAdministrator I should "use the Login link in the top frame" to get back to the Login page. There's NO SUCH LINK in my top frame after I enter CycAdministrator and click [Submit]. So I assume the instructions mean the Cyc logo at the left side of the top frame. I click that one, I'm taken to a middle frame with an empty login field, I enter "DonJoe", click [Submit] and get the same disappointing "Unknown Cyclist
    The name DonJoe is not the name of a known HumanCyclist.". No new user created, no admin login, no nothing. What gives?!

    • Mario

      Mario - 2006-06-16

      All I do is this


      if you will have problem i don't know how help you, bye

    • fjmsoftware

      fjmsoftware - 2006-06-16

      Thanks anyway.

      That's the page where I found this: "click the 'Login' link in the top frame". But, like I said, there's no such link. Neither before, nor after I type in "CycAdministrator" and click [Submit].

      Anyone have any inkling as to what I'm missing here?

    • fjmsoftware

      fjmsoftware - 2006-06-16

      OK, I've got it. It was a Java problem. I don't have Java installed for my Opera browser. I got it to work after I went to the Preferences menu and unchecked Java.

    • kreop

      kreop - 2006-12-07

      It`s also happens to me. I am using Cyc KB 1.0 and there is no login link after changing from guest to CycAdministrator. I tried to uncheck Java and save it but still does not work. There is no link for login. I tried to check only frame but it still does not work. 

    • Igor Kryltsov

      Igor Kryltsov - 2008-03-10

      Please do ot laugh - I can not logout as a Guest and I can not see login button on my fresh install.
      I recorded video of my big troules and located it here: http://boxstr.com/files/1316912_zycax/Login.zip
      Inside avi file showing my problem.
      Tried in IE7 and latest Firefox.

      Thank you

    • FrankG

      FrankG - 2013-10-18

      I had this same problem 7 years later. Old bug? Anyway, I found the following workaround. Create a constant for your userID, and add assertions that you are a Person and a CurrentHumanCyclist

      First login as CycAdministrator and click "create" near the top of the page. Enter your desired username as the constant to create, which is hopefully not already a constant.

      Then click on that name when it is created, and click the [+] near the top, next to the name, to add an assertion.

      Enter this:
      isa Person

      Then do it again, and this time enter:
      isa CurrentHumanCyclist

      At least that worked for me. I can now login with my name. I did this by copying the pattern of values defined for CycAdministrator.

      Following that pattern I then added an appropriate comment and a prettyString-Canonical.

      I did not add a quotedIsa IndeterminateTerm, which CycAdministrator has, because I think this means, more-or-less, that CycAdministrator is a role that can be filled by different specific entities at different times. Whereas my login is intended to represent me, and I am a definite "term".


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