Why Low Memory?? OpenCyc OpenUseless

Chris Rose
  • Chris Rose

    Chris Rose - 2010-04-11

    After spending a few hours learning OpenCyc's unintuitive interface I find that it can't verify idiot level assertions like is-a Dog Animal.  I got the ugly syntax correct, the xface gave me links to each of the 3 elements.  Could the problem be the "low memory situation" error message - completely undocumented - that I get even though I have 4 GB RAM for Win32?   Regardless of my freeing memory, the RAM OpenCyc finds tops out at 1GB.  I am seriously unimpressed. 

  • Jeryl Cook

    Jeryl Cook - 2010-05-17

    I occasionally get emails on OpenCyc hoping that this tool would mature over time..i attempted to use this 2 year ago(Java) and it was unimpressive as well so i had to find another 'solution'(commercial) to handle my business case….

    OpenCyc needs to be shut down(perhaps another team should take it over?) , and the wiki page(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyc) updated to state that the system is USELESS  because TIME IS MONEY, developers spend hours trying to get the stupid thing up and running to find that it it works worst than a grad students project  that was built to just pass a course and the API is horrific.

  • CrazyMarty

    CrazyMarty - 2012-10-21

    As shipped, the minimum size of the Java VM that it runs in is 5GB (and can expand up to 8GB).  If your machine has less than 8GB of RAM, you probably will not have much success.


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