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Joe Simone
  • Joe Simone

    Joe Simone - 2005-03-03

    Hi all.   I have downloaded the 0.9 version of opencycl and unzipped it sucessfully.  It seems to start and run OK (see log below).    However, when I try to access the following URL:


    I get nothing.

    How do I start the web server?


    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    c:\dev\proj\ems\emsDoc\scripts\backup>cd \cyc

    C:\cyc>cd run

    bin               init              repositories      tools             world
    httpd             preferences       tests             transcripts       run-cyc.bat


    C:\cyc\run>rem # Shell script to execute the cyc server

    C:\cyc\run>rem #

    C:\cyc\run>rem # written by Stephen Reed  2/6/2002

    C:\cyc\run>rem #

    C:\cyc\run>rem # After some time loading the world into memory you will see CYC(1):

    C:\cyc\run>rem # which is the SubL command prompt.

    C:\cyc\run>rem # [optional]

    C:\cyc\run>rem # You can enter SubL expressions such as (+ 1 2) or (genls #$Person)

    C:\cyc\run>rem # or (all-genls #$Person) at the command line to verify Cyc's operation.

    C:\cyc\run>rem #

    C:\cyc\run>rem # At this point the cyc http server is running and you can access

    C:\cyc\run>rem # Cyc directly via the local web browser.

    C:\cyc\run>rem # http://localhost:3602/cgi-bin/cyccgi/cg?cb-start

    C:\cyc\run>rem # You can browse cyc via the Guest account or perform updates by

    C:\cyc\run>rem # logging on as CycAdminstrator.

    C:\cyc\run>rem #

    C:\cyc\run>rem # As a security measure, Cyc only accepts tcp connections from the

    C:\cyc\run>rem # computer that it runs on.  You can forward ports via ssh to enable

    C:\cyc\run>rem # remote clients, or provide middleware to do the same.

    C:\cyc\run>rem #

    C:\cyc\run>rem # see the file parameters.lisp in the init directory for startup

    C:\cyc\run>rem # options including choice of tcp ports utilized.

    C:\cyc\run>bin\latest.bin -w world\latest.load
    Loading statics.
    Mapping in the memory image.
    Running initializers ... PROCESS (7), LOCK (15), LOCK (2746), LOCK (2862), done.
    Reconnected to shared object RED Library (auto-loaded).
    Cyc 10 (Windows 32-bit)
    Copyright (C) 1995 - 2005 Cycorp, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    RTL (Win32 Threads) initialized.
    CycL Initialized.
    Initializing file-backed caches.
    Warning: Unable to find file hashtable: data/caches/0001/generic-singular-nl-generation-fort-cache.fht
    Enabling base TCP services to port 3600.

    Ready for services.
    Process ID: 1812
    System 1.8059 KB 2.
    CYC(1): (+ 1 2)

    • John De Oliveira

      Everything in your log looks correct. Could the port be in use by something else? Maybe try a tool like Active Ports:

    • John De Oliveira

      I just got the same problem of the browser not coming up, but it was because I had mistakenly deleted the transcripts directory from within the run directory (and the 0002 directory that was in the transcripts directory). Those directories have to be there for the agenda to work. When the agenda halted, even after I restarted it (by typing '0'), the URL wouldn't bring up the browser until I restarted Cyc. Now that I have those directories back, everything seems to work okay.

    • Joe Simone

      Joe Simone - 2005-03-06

      I downloaded active ports and ran it on my machine and I get the following:

      mysqld-nt.exe    1276    3306            LISTEN    TCP    C:\MySQL4.1.8\bin\mysqld-nt.exe
      latest.bin    1664    3600            LISTEN    TCP    C:\opencyc\run\bin\latest.bin
      latest.bin    1664    3601            LISTEN    TCP    C:\opencyc\run\bin\latest.bin
      latest.bin    1664    3602            LISTEN    TCP    C:\opencyc\run\bin\latest.bin
      latest.bin    1664    3614            LISTEN    TCP    C:\opencyc\run\bin\latest.bin
      db2jds.exe    2824    6789            LISTEN    TCP    C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2jds.exe

      So the ports are listening but I still can connect and get a page not displayed.  I get this with either the Firefox 1.0 browser or IE 6.x browser.

      I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.  I have noticed posts in the help forum see

      that mention the same problem albeit for opencyc 0.7.

      Also I do have the transcripts and transcripts/0002 directories.

      Your help is much appreciated.



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