HTTP interface

  • Richard H. McCullough

    I really like the new interfaces using concepts/ and RESTfulCyc/.
    I will be interfacing mKR/mKE to the HTTP interface.
    It is far easier than dealing with the SubL interface.

    Will I be able to input knowledge using HTTP?

  • Kagehi

    Kagehi - 2010-08-21

    Hmm. This is closely related to something I was looking at. An HTTP interface "both" for imputing knowledge, and using the result, is a necessity for my idea. I am looking at trying to come up with something roughly like a Pandorabot, *but* with OpenCyc mixed in there some place, so that it can handle less specific statements and questions. The reason it needs to be HTTP is that the virtual world I plan to put the bot interface into uses HTTP GET, and the response, to "talk to" outside sources, like the bots themselves. Cyc would, presumably, be more flexible in handling things, where as.. Alice/Pandora style bots are blindingly stupid, being only able to react to what words, and sentence structure, they already know about. I kind of wondered it anyone had, as of yet, tried tying this thing into the back end of one of those.


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