arucard - 2006-08-06

Hello to everybody here!
Before 3 days I downloaded and installed the OpenCyc 1.0. According to all FAQs and sheets on the net there should be at least English lexicon built in. Using this lexicon I should be for example able to ask for part of speech or generate some word forms for particular word. I found that this functionality is provided through special constants (#$Device-TheWord for example) in EnglishWord Collection. But I can't get any query with any of these constants to work. Even if I write Device-TheWord in the Query tool and press Cyclify button no #$ sign is connected to. Then if I add that sign manualy and run the query, I get error message. Other queries work fine. It seems to me like these constants are't presented in my version of Cyc. What is happening here? Can anyone help me?