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Joe Simone
  • Joe Simone

    Joe Simone - 2010-09-02

    It should be pretty obvious to everyone that OpenCyc has been abandoned. is horrendously out-of-date.  The last blog on was back in 2008.  Support here in this forum is almost non-existent.

    I downloaded OpenCyc 2.0 and installed it on my Win32 XP machine, but with out-of-date docs and a horrible interface I found it to be an exercise if futility and frustration.  Even the simplest queries ended up being wrong - only to find out the knowledge base did not have those facts defined.

    Save yourself some anxiety and avoid OpenCyc.

  • cognition-mind

    cognition-mind - 2010-09-08

    Hello Jsimone,

    I saw that, but I figured that all that work shouldn't be wasted

    so I forked the opencyc-latest.owl and converted it to json -  {}
    I intend on using it in a MongoDB version, recreating the functionality (as seen from the outside) in a language of choice, I'm still not sure what will do the best job yet. Keep checking!

    Check it out, if anyone is interested in contributing let me know.

    Ramon Brooker
    Skype: cognition.mind
    Twitter: @cognition_mind

  • Steven A

    Steven A - 2014-04-22

    404, project not found.

  • Jim White

    Jim White - 2014-04-22

    You should make it clear the 404 you're referring to is Bubo on Github. OpenCyc seems to be as alive as ever, which is to say breathing but with a very low activity level. Since the posts in 2010 there was the OpenCyc 4.0 release in 2012 and the Cycorp OpenCyc pages (which now include a Semantic Web endpoint) are live.


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