how to write "assertion" in SubL?

zhao zhe
  • zhao zhe

    zhao zhe - 2011-03-13

    In SUbL, we can use function   "assertion-p"   to know whether the object is a assertion.
    So if I want to know  whether  (#$isa #$BillClinton #$MaleHuman) is a assertion or not ,how to write.

    I think I can write (assertion-p '(#$isa #$BillClinton #$MaleHuman) ) ,but it is not right, why ? how to write ?

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-14


    This is failing because your input is a SubL list (an EL formula) rather than an ASSERTION-P object (an HL object). Try this instead:

        (find-assertion-cycl '(#$isa #$BillClinton #$MaleHuman)))

    This returns the ASSERTION-P object with the specified formula, if it exists, otherwise NIL.


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