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OpenCustomer 0.4.0 released

We have released our first production release. This means the database core is stable and we will add scripts for database changes and data igration if necessary.

We have made a few bugfixes and various changes. We want hightlight the following changes at this point.

Administrative users:
We added administrative roles and usergroups for administrative purposes. Administrative users can not be seen from "normal" users. ... read more

Posted by Thomas 2007-05-08

OpenCustomer 0.3.0 released

- updated resource structure for internationalization
- added ant task for tomcat configuration (uses patch\)

- calendar: the calendar now uses the generic system panel
- added fuzzy logic to date parsing (e.g. to years lower than 100 will be added 2000)
- calendar: foreign events in the status deleted will no longer be shown
- crm/contact: the person of the active user will be added to contact by default
- crm: added entity acces rights to company, person and contact (request 1498009)
- calendar/event: jump point for participiant user is now targeting to person of user, if available
- system: added right WRITE_SYSTEM; users must not allow to open entity access for other users (request 1503995)
- common: optimized pagination / changed design
- calendar/event: events with no rights will be shown in the views, if they have the status occupied (request 1503574)
- calendar/event: events with status occupied will be checked against other occupied events (request 1497988)
- system: added more information to generic system page
- crm/person: person can have addresses now
- crm: merged names for addresses (name1, name2, name3 -> name)
- common: all searches added a wildcard at the beginning and the end of the search value
- calendar/event: added location and unknown participiants to event
- crm/person: added type (like freelance) to person and made it searchable
- crm/company: added rating and category (a, b, c) to company
- common: prepared internationalization for list objects (like companyState)
- crm/person: added addresses for persons
- common: added english resource bundle... read more

Posted by Felix 2006-07-07

OpenCustomer 0.2.6 Online Demo

OpenCustomer 0.2.6 Online Demo available at

Posted by Felix 2006-04-21

OpenCustomer 0.2.6 released

OpenCustomer 0.2.6 released. Version 0.2.6 includes some technical changes using panel and calendar features.

Posted by Felix 2006-04-19