How to write an openCRX Polymer client

This guide explains how to write a Polymer client accessing openCRX using the RESTful API.


This guide assumes that


MyContact is a sample Polymer app that accesses openCRX using the standard RESTful API. The app is located in the folder sample/src/war/opencrx-sample-store.war/ and consists of the following files:

  • index.html: Main page of the MyContact app
  • elements/mycontact-toolbar.html: Component for the app toolbar
  • elements/mycontact-contact-list.html: Component which allows to display a list of contacts retrieved from the API. The component extends the generic component mycontact-object-list.html.
  • elements/mycontact-object-list.html: Component which allows to display a list of objects retrieved from the API. The component shows how to implement infinite, incremental scrolling using the position and size parameters of the query API.
  • elements/mycontact-detail.html: Component which shows the detail information of a contact including some main attributes and address information. The component demonstrates how to use retrieve, display and update objects.

The implementation using the RESTful API is straight-forward. Use the Swagger UI to explore the API. See RESTful API for more information.


Build the MyContact app as follows:

cd ./opencrx3-custom/sample/src/war/opencrx-sample-mycontact.war
bower update
cd ../../..
ant assemble

This generates the opencrx-sample-mycontact.war in the directory ../jre-1.7/sample/deployment-unit/.


Next deploy opencrx-sample-mycontact.war. Copy the file to ./opencrxServer-3.0.0/apache-tomee-webprofile-1.7.1/webapps/ and restart Tomcat. Then open a browser and enter the URL http://localhost:8080/opencrx-sample-mycontact/index.html.

At startup, the app should display a toolbar and a list of contacts. As a reference see the demo.

In case of troubles consult the browser's console log and / or use Firebug to track warnings and errors.


Congratulations! You have successfully built and run your first openCRX Polymer client.

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