openCRX v2.5.0 (stable, production quality) released

openCRX - Limitless Relationship Management

openCRX version 2.5.0 is available from

The release notes are available at

If you have openCRX v2.4.0/v2.4.1 installed, you can upgrade
to openCRX v2.5.0 by following instructions available at

Enhanced GUI with new Icons
Enhanced Work / Expense Records
Wizards to
- create Work Records
- create Expense Records
- create Work / Expense Reports
Excel Account Importer
- imports files exported by MS Outlook
- imports manually created files
openCRX Application Plugin in openMDX 2 Architecture
Apache OpenEJB 3.1.1

see for details

We also published new/updated guides at

Your openCRX Team

Posted by Christoph Mueller 2009-06-16

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