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openCRX: v2.2.0 (stable, production quality) released

NEW VERSION 2.2: openCRX is a professional CRM solution (customer relationship management) deployable to all major platforms. openCRX is multi-entity enabled, scalable, a real enterprise-class CRM-solution - new: Groupware Server (iCalendar, IMAP, ...)

openCRX - Limitless Relationship Management

openCRX version 2.2.0 is available from

The release notes are available at

If you have openCRX v2.0.0 installed, you can upgrade to
openCRX v2.2.0 by following instructions available at

New Layout / Enhanced GUI
Support for Mobile Devices (including Apple's iPhone)
Support for Google Chrome
SendMailWorkflow supports Mail Gateways (Fax, SMS, ...)
Enhanced iCal Servlet
Enhanced Performance
WYMeditor with support for Opera and Safari
Improved BitRock installers (Server and SDK)

see for details

We also published new/updated guides at

Your openCRX Team

Posted by Christoph Mueller 2008-09-22

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