#71 This may seem like a silly question but can I

Cody Heit

Hi Everyone

I'm new to the openCRX program only finding it 2 days
ago. I'm a small company looking for open source and
would like to know if the following is possible with

Install the MySQL version of openCRX onto my web
hosting package which is hosted off site but at a
data center about an 1 hour away. So I wouldn't have
any control over the hardware or physical couldn't
change the server. I would need it to handle 3-5
users at any one time.


  • Christoph Mueller

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    the requirements to run openCRX in production mode are
    listed/explained at http://www.opencrx.org/faq
    (e.g. DB requirements http://www.opencrx.org/faq.htm#db)

  • Cody Heit

    Cody Heit - 2006-01-25

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    Yes I have been to that page before and I know it only
    requirements installing MySQL for testing. But it doesn't
    say that wheather it is possible to install on a web hosts
    server account!

  • Christoph Mueller

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    well, you need to verify whether your "web hosts server
    account" provides the required infrastructure (and without
    you telling us what your account provides we are not in a
    position to answer that question...)

    one of the typical hurdles is the lack of application
    server support (e.g. if you are not allowed to install
    JBoss and open up the required port(s), you will not be
    able to run openCRX)



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