Localized (grid) filters, localized grid buttons

  • RuOpka

    RuOpka - 2014-02-07

    Hi All,

    Is there any way to have localized (grid) filter for each locale (language). I have checked the /WEB-INF/config/filters/ but only english is available. I have tried to create filter for an another locale, but it does not load. It seems that the openMDX portal servlet FilterLoader.java does not support multiple locale. How hard it would be to add this feature?

    Is there any way to have localized grid buttons? It seems that the grid buttons (next to grid filters) are not localized (New, Edit, Action, View). How hard it would be to add this feature?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Werner Froidevaux

    Yes, this is possible. However, for filters there are no seperate directories (as for ui, texts, wizards, etc.).

    You can take the file opencrx-core-CRX/WEB-INF/config/filters/org.opencrx.kernel.-.-.activity.xml as a template for localizing filters. E.g. with

    <void property="label">
        <array class="java.lang.String" length="2">
            <void index="0">
                <string>Open [Priority / Due]</string>
            <void index="1">
                <string>Offen [Priorität / Fällig bis]</string>

    the filter label is localized for locales 0 (= en_US) and 1 (= de_CH).

    The menu labels "New, Edit, Action, View" are already localized (at least on the demo server and in the latest standard openCRX Server download).

  • RuOpka

    RuOpka - 2014-02-25

    Thanks for your help. Works fine to me.


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