How do I create new fields?

  • Iowa

    Iowa - 2014-01-17

    I'm a potential user. (No development skills.) I'm looking at the Demo. I don't see how to get to the place where I create new fields in a Contact record. Can anyone help me?

  • Iowa

    Iowa - 2014-01-21

    1. What is the maximum number of user-defined fields which can be activated without development skills?
    2. Do you not think that this is a significant disadvantage vis-a-vis other CRM's? In other CRM's the administrator can create an infinite number of fields.

  • Christoph Mueller

    Typically, there are 4 single-valued and 1 multi-valued user-defined attributes of each type (i.e. string, boolean, code, date, etc.) available plus an unlimited number through the use of PropertyDataBindings. Select objects (e.g. accounts) have many more user-defined attributes (because they are needed there, based on experience).

    All of this is explained in the customizing guide which is published at

    "What can you do if you need even more user-definable attributes, i.e. more than the ones provided by CrxObject? This is where the PropertyDataBinding concept comes in handy. With PropertyDataBindings you get access to a virtually unlimited pool of user-definable attributes. See chapter 8.7.1 PropertyDataBinding for a detailed introduction into this topic)."


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