RuOpka - 2014-02-25

Hi all,

I am trying to build some custom example process in Manage Activities->Activity Processes->New.

How can I specify a subprocess transition from a state? I have seen some uml diagram, it use calling conventions (but I not yet understood).

ProcessA (ProcessAState1 -> ProcessAState2 -> ProcessAState3)
ProcessB (ProcessBState1 -> ProcessBState2 -> ProcessBState3->ProcessBState4->ProcessBState5)
SubProcessC (SubProcessCState1-> SubProcessCState2)

I would like to use SubProcessC both for ProcessA (in State2) and ProcessB (in state4), how can I specify the transition from ProcessA ->SubProcessC? And how can I specify the transition back from SubProcessC to ProcessA? How can I handle the error conditions?

THanks for your help,