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Uploaded a new version.

EXEC SQL INCLUDES supported in the preprocessor.

Nested copies and Program Units parsed correctly.

EXEC SQL support for dynamic PREPARE, DECLARE and FETCH.

EXEC SQL support for indicator variables.

EXEC SQL Statements translated more correctly.

Non COBOL-85 features 78 level and PIC X… VARYING supported on request.

Intrinsic FUNCTIONs now parsed correctly.

Sequential FILE support started.... read more

Posted by VenkatK 2010-01-24


Uploaded a new version.

Option -JavaType2 introduced to dramatically improve execution speed for some cases. (Look in RES Timings)

Laid a good framework for quick addition of functions in future

Major re-factoring of Symbol Table and Cobol-2-Java classes

Translation Table introduced for expressions

Test-suite automation done in good part

Significant number of NIST and other test cases translated successfully... read more

Posted by VenkatK 2010-01-20

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