P3/COBOL Project Continues Venkat's RES work

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-05-10

    Some of you (if you're still out there) might be interested in a new project that is a continuation of this project.  We have been working with Venkat's last release source base for the past 5 months, and will be posting a version (called P3/COBOL) as soon as I have sorted out the various license issues.  It will be licensed under GPLv3.

    P3/COBOL currently runs all of the CCVS NC, IC, IF, SM, and IX tests  (about 6,000) correctly (minus a few I ignore).  There are many extensions that have been added from RM/COBOL, the 2002 standard, and the 201x draft standard.  There are also some extensions unique to P3/COBOL.  It has successfully compiled some very complex generated programs as well as very large (over 100,000 lines of COBOL) ones.

    I will post a notice here when I post the first distribution on the P3/COBOL project, or you can monitor that project directly, if you are interested.


  • mttaylor

    mttaylor - 2011-10-20


    Is there any status on this new project?  How will it be licensed?  RES is quiet an impressive body of work, I look forward to seeing it move forward.


  • ramo102

    ramo102 - 2012-04-16

    Hi John,

    the P3/COBOL project has been released?



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